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Wouter Huisman

Wouter Huisman

History: Young Expert at Brabant Water - Benin
YEP period 2014 - 2015, batch 2

First position after YEP

Consultant at Brabant Water the Netherlands

YEP Role

In the Young Expert Programme I worked at the cooperation between Brabant Water and SONEB. Brabant Water is the drinking water company that provides the province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands with drinking water. SONEB is the national drinking water company of Benin in West Africa. In my role as Young Expert I worked on project and asset management at SONEB and focused especially on the ORIO-project that aims to secure drinking water supply for the city of Parakou in 2025.
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My strong points could be characterized as creative, carry on mentality, team player and I feel at ease in a challenging environment. My education as civil engineer and my broad interest make that I combine the technical with the process aspects in a project, that I have the overview in a project and that I could bring together different stakeholders. In this current project I would like to use these skills to realize project progress in the ORIO-project and explore more of the whole urban water cycle.



Nationality: Dutch
Education: MSc in Civil Engineering and Management at University of Twente


Experience before YEP

My experience is in project management and design of drinking water infrastructure projects. I have worked on different projects varying from relining transportation pipelines to replacement of the pipelines in urban areas. I enjoy managing projects, the many uncertainties that have to be dealt with and working with many stakeholders, such as our customers, municipalities and contractors.

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Organisation: Brabant Water
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