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Akrity Acharya

Akrity Acharya

YEP period 2019 - 2021, batch 17

Young Expert at One to Watch B.V. - Nepal

First position after YEP

Msc in Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability at Technical University of Berlin, Germany

YEP Role

As a part of the YEP program, Akrity has been working as an Investment Officer for One to Watch B.V, being based in Nepal and Myanmar. She has been supporting the small and medium enterprises of Nepal and Myanmar to be investment ready, for knowledge transfer from the Netherlands, to grow growth capital and to scale in other avenues of business development. Using the base of finance, she supports various entrepreneurs across various industries- but mainly in agri-food and energy.



She is skilled in business development, financial modeling, investment readiness, costing and other financial aspects of business.



Nationality: Nepali
Education: Bachelors in Business Studies, Chartered Accountancy


Experience before YEP

Before YEP, she was working in an audit firm being based in Nepal and was mainly involved in audit and consulting assignments related to financial institutions.

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Organisation: One to Watch B.V.
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