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Dorien Lugt

Dorien  Lugt

YEP period 2019 - 2020, batch 17

Young Expert at HKV Lijn in Water - Ghana

First position after YEP

Consultant Water & Climate at HKV Consultants, Netherlands

YEP Role

I work at HKV as a consultant on water and climate. HKV provides research and consultancy services on flood risk and water resources management in The Netherlands and abroad. In Ghana I work on two projects. 


In the first project, we develop end-to-end flood and drought early warning systems for the Sakumono basin in the Greater Accra Region and the Nabogo basin in the Northern Region. The Sakumono basin is an urbanized area suffering yearly from flood problems. The Nabogo basin is mainly rural area suffering from both flood and drought problems. We will not only develop the models and software, but also design warning dissemination strategies for both basins. The project is part of a larger project, Client II RAIN Ghana, which aims to develop sustainable technologies and services for adaptation to climate change in flood- and drought-prone areas in Ghana.


In the second project, we will expand the rainfall web- and mobile phone application called Rainsat with a now-casting component. This app, developed by HKV and the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI), is used in 14 countries on the African continent, including Ghana.  The now-casting, forecasting 3-4 hours ahead in time, uses a model trained with AI techniques. The rainfall prediction of 3-4 hours ahead is useful for flood forecasting and many other applications.





Nationality: Dutch


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Organisation: HKV Lijn in Water
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