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Yoseph Cherinet Wakjira

Yoseph Cherinet Wakjira

History: Young Expert at Meta Meta - Ethiopia
YEP period 2019 - 2021, batch 16

Position after YEP

Water Resources Management Specialist at Meta Meta, Ethiopia

YEP Role

As a Young Expert, I work for MetaMeta as Irrigation and Water Management Expert in three main projects promoting new farming methods, irrigation technologies, implementation of a smart farming pilot, and coordination of farmer to farmer knowledge exchange programs. 


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AutoCAD, Irrigation Software and Models, ArcGIS, QGIS and Remote Sensing for Agricultural Water Management, Water Accounting



Nationality: Ethiopian 

Education: MSc International Land and Water Management 


Experience before YEP 

Worked as Assistant Lecturer at Arba Minch University, Ethiopia.

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Organisation: Meta Meta
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