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Annemarijn Nijmeijer

Annemarijn Nijmeijer

YEP period 2019 - 2021, batch 16

Young Expert at Beyond Beans - Ivory Coast

First position after YEP

Programma Manager Coffee at Pur Projet, France

YEP Role 

As a program officer for Cocoanect I am responsible for the execution of all the environmental programs Cocoanect is running in Ghana and Ivory Coast. Among other things this includes the establishment of shade tree nurseries, the creation of agroforestry bleu prints, the distribution of improved cookstoves. 


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  • Strong analytical skills
  • Solution driven
  • Strong computing skills including Microsoft and Adobe programs
  • Fluent in Dutch, English and French 


Nationality: Dutch 

Education: PhD in tropical ecology and agronomy 


Experience before YEP 

PhD tropical ecology and agronomy with a strong focus on cocoa.

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Organisation: Beyond Beans
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