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Gilbert Mwangi Kamau

Gilbert Mwangi Kamau

History: Young Expert at TAHMO - Kenya
YEP period 2019 - 2021, batch 16

Position after YEP

East Africa Director at TAHMO, Kenya

YEP Role

The TAHMO project aims to develop a vast network of hydro-meteorological monitoring stations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Approximately 20,000 stations and one station every 30 km. We achieve this by applying innovative sensor technology and ICT, TAHMO stations are both inexpensive and robust. Stations are placed at schools and integrated in educational programmes, adding richness to the curriculum and helping foster a new generation of scientists. Local weather data will be combined with models and satellite observations to obtain insight into the distribution of water and energy stocks and fluxes. 


My role is to co-ordinate all TAHMO activities in East Africa, mainly stations installations, maintenance, trainings and partnerships. 

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  • Team management
  • Electronic Engineering- Internet of things, microcontrollers, building electronic components
  • Strategic thinking

Nationality: Kenyan
Education: Bsc Instrumentation and Control Engineering Egerton University. MSc Electrical Engineering Jomo Kenyatta University (finalising)


Experience before YEP

  • Design Engineer: Designed power lines for new clients at Kenya Power for 6 months
  • Trainer/Tutor – Taught Diploma students at Mount Kenya University
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Organisation: TAHMO
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