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Giel Hendriks

Giel Hendriks

History: Young Expert at - Burkina Faso
YEP period 2014 - 2016, batch 2

Position after YEP

Technical Secretary International Cooperation at NCEA, the Netherlands

YEP Role

In the Young Expert Programme I worked as project officer for Akvo Foundation, giving trainings and workshops in the different tools and services that Akvo provides. Helping out the West-African Hub to expand and help partners to establish a well-monitored asset of their data and gathered data with the software was part of my task. Analyzing data from the partners and help to visualize this in GIS too.
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My strengths are: commitment, creativity, multi-lingual, team player and a drive to find solutions for challenging problems within the environmental, energy and water sector. As an urban planner I am very eager to find sustainable solutions for environmental and social problems within third world urban areas.



Nationality: Dutch
Education: MSc in Environmental & Infrastructure Planning at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


Experience before YEP

Before joining Akvo, I worked at Witteveen+Bos conducting research and fieldwork on a project focused on Sustainable Area Development within the horticulture-sector of Almere. The project included the search for innovative waste-management and energy-sharing and energy-exchanging methods. During my internship at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Cotonou I conducted research upon the Private Sector Development in Benin and the role of International Cooperation. Having obtained my master on Environmental & Infrastructure Planning, I like to combine my geographical background and my skills in water management to find sustainable solutions and reinforce the social and environmental capacity of third world cities. You can follow me on twitter @GAHendriks, I am currently based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

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