Young Experts

Mutinta Chowe

Mutinta Chowe

YEP period 2018 - 2020, batch WWX1

Young Expert at WaterWorX - Zambia

First position after YEP

Geographical Information Systems Specialist at Southern Water and Sanitation Company, Zambia

YEP Role

  • Compiling monthly progress reports
  • Compiling quarterly progress reports
  • Organising monthly project meetings
  • Secretariat for the project meetings
  • Coordinating all theme leaders
  • Coordinating Peer to Peer visits
  • Preparing visitation programmes for Short-Term Experts
  • Alignment of the project key performance indicators (KPIs)  to the donor recommendations
  • Project monitoring and evaluation of the project activities against set KPIs

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  • Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Good understanding and operation of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) & ArcPad
  • Process implementation and Data Management
  • Strong verbal communication
  • Project management and monitoring

Nationality: Zambian
Education: Bachelor of Science Urban and Regional Planning


Experience before YEP

2016 to date: Geographical Information Systems Specialist, Southern Water & Sewerage Company, Choma, Zambia. Responsibilities include:

  • Conducting data collection (mapping) in the field
  • Transfer of field drawings into a Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Interaction and coordination with water utility staff at head office and the districts
  • Preparation of materials and supporting information for the field assignments
  • Data analysis in GIS, Asset Management and generation of map products

2017-2018: GIS Specialist –National Water Supply and Sanitation Council, Lusaka, Zambia. Responsibilities include:

  • Training of GIS Personals for EWSC, NWWSC and Chwsc
  • Preparation of field data collection maps and documents
  • Data collection and map preparation for the utilities
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Organisation: WaterWorX
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