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Wanna Dwi

Wanna Dwi

YEP period 2013 - 2015, batch 1

Young Expert at Witteveen + Bos - Indonesia

First position after YEP

Manager Unit Putri Lana at Alif Rose, Indonesia

YEP Role

After completing my Master study, I immediately started working in Witteveen+Bos Indonesia as a Water Management Engineer. I was involved in several water-related projects, they were monitoring water rivers quality for water supply, monitoring performance of wastewater treatment plant in a sugar factory and assessing water demand and water resources for industrial estates.
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I have good research skills, good writing skills, and good communication skills in structured, planned and passionate manners.



Nationality: Indonesian
Education: Master of Engineering at Gadjah Mada University (October 2010-May 2013). Major in Managing and Utilising Municipal Waste in fabricating an environmentally friendly material, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Gadjah Mada University (August 2003-November 2008). Major in Environmental Chemistry in performing industrial wastewater treatment.


Experience before YEP

In the second year of my Master study, I had the opportunity to study overseas in Finland through an exchange programme, MAHEVA, and thus gained international experience in study and research.

  • Environmental Management course at the University of Turku (February - May 2012). I worked with four other students on a specific topic about establishing water/wastewater system and management for a new proposed residential area near a newly founded department store utilising the CMP Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation,
  • Master’s thesis at Abo Akademi University (October 2011-August 2012). I worked on a composite material in fabricating an environmentally friendly material, whose properties resemble human skin, for biomedical purposes.
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Organisation: Witteveen + Bos
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