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Drocelle Musabyimana

Drocelle Musabyimana

History: Young Expert at Wageningen University & Research - Rwanda
YEP period 2018 - 2020, batch 15

Position after YEP

Junior Integrated Water Resources management officer at MDF Training & Consultancy B.V., Rwanda

YEP Role

Junior Integrated Water Resources management officer, following are my tasks in project:

  • Co- identify risks and opportunities for improved watershed protection and management (report reviews, stakeholder identification and interviews, data collection and analyses etc)
  • Assist in the selection of promising  IWRM measures such as flood and erosion control measures, High crops yields ,better livelihoods farmers, land scape restoration etc)
  • Co-prepare design and cost estimates for selected options
  • Assist in outsourcing/ tendering of selected and pre-design IWRM measures
  • Co- supervises implementation of selected measures
  • Assist in M&E of selected measures
  • Reporting activities
  • Maintain the contact with the local partners, project beneficiaries and other stakeholders, Extend the local network. 

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Computer skills:

  • Use of geographical information tools, like: Arc GIS, Q GIS, and Smart GIS, Universal map dawnloader, Google Earth, GPS, etc.
  • Use of the WEAP model, aqua crop
  • Application of Excel in water monitoring

Nationality: Rwandan

  • Bachelor degree in Water and environmental Engineering at University of Rwanda college of science and Technology 
  • Mathematics’ physics and chemistry (MPC) at secondary school

Experience before YEP

June 2014 – October 2014: Academic internship at COPED (Company for Environment Protection and Development) Ltd. Expertises acquired from the acadmic internship experience:

  • Waste management process in Kigali from point sources to the final disposal

  • Plastic waste recycling process in Rwanda

  • Biodegradable waste recycling (waste to energy)

  • Carrying out Baseline surveys on hygiene practices in hospitality services in Kigali

June 2015 – May 2016: Professional Internship at Green cover initiative (GCI) Rwanda

  • Review the policies, plan of nature resources management
  • Identification of opportunities funds for NGO
  • Drafting the project proposals.
  • Preparation and providing of training for farmers about sustainable agriculture practices

June 2016 –October 2017: Catchment planning Intern at Water for Growth (W4G) Rwanda

  • Assist in catchments planning process (identification of issues, opportunities and measures for landscape restoration in four demonstration catchments)
  • Collection of geographical information on field related to water resources such as (issues, interventions and opportunities) 
  • Assist to analysis all available Geo-data to generate reports, information’s and statistics requested by IWRM management 
  • Participation producing the WEAP models for four catchments

October 2017- July 2018: Geographical Information system (GIS) officer at SHER consultants

  • Digitalization and preparation shape files of land cover 
  • Assist in selection of promising IWRM measures
  • Preparation of all types of maps, tables needed in catchments management plan (Muvumba, Nyabugogo, Upper Nyabarongo and Sebeya)
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Organisation: Wageningen University & Research
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