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Elske Möring

Elske Möring

YEP period 2018 - 2020, batch 15

Young Expert at Van Essen Instruments - Colombia

First position after YEP

Environmental Specialist at Nestlé, Netherlands

YEP Role

My role within Wequips is business developer/sales representative. The main work activities are finding and contacting possible clients, maintain relationships, provide product advice for clients or projects, participate in events and network opportunities and perform market- and product studies. This means that one moment I can stand with my feed in the mud, visiting a project, or meeting (possible) clients during network events. The diversity, not only in theme or sector, but also in product, people and projects is what I really like. 


Because Colombia is a big country, the areas are divided between me and my two co-workers. This means that I am responsible for the areas of Boyacá and the Caribbean coast. The reason why I have these areas is because of my expertise in water management and agriculture. In the Caribbean coast there is a lot port development, the main river of Colombia flows in this area, causing problems with floods but is also very important for water availability and river transportation. There is a lot of agricultural activity in an area that is semi dry. Also, sea level rise affects the area profoundly. All these effects cause a lot of challenges but also opportunities for water management in this area. And therefore, for our products that we provide. Boyacá is a department close to Bogotá and I oversee this area because I used to live there, and I know the area well. The main activities in this area is (small scale) agriculture and mining. Partly I can use the knowledge that I already have about water management and agriculture, and partly I am learning every day more and more about these and other sectors in Colombia. 

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    • Water management
    • Agriculture 
    • Identifying sector possibilities
    • Performing market studies
    • Product knowledge
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Client relations 
    • Active promotion of company and products
    • Participate in events/network possibilities

Nationality: Dutch

  • Bsc. Land and water management VHL
  • Msc. International land and water management WUR


Experience before YEP

  • Right after I finished my master International Land and Water management at Wageningen University, I became a YEPper of batch 15. Although I am started my first working experience with Wequips and YEP, I gained work experience during my different internships in the Netherlands, Cambodia and Colombia. Below a short impression of what I have done. 
  • Internship MSc. (2018). At Royal embassy Kingdom of the Netherlands, Bogotá. Economic department, involved with 6 top sectors, with focus on Water, Logistics and Agriculture.
  • Thesis MSc. (2018). With Wageningen university, Universidad UPTC and Gobernación Boyacá, performing a Stakeholder- and Frame Package Analysis in Lake Tota, identifying perceptions of local stakeholders about climate change, water use and contamination.  Title: Perspectives about climate change and the contamination of lake Tota; a case study
  • Graduator BSc. (2015). At department of Policy & advice Waterboard Brabantse Delta. Research for the implementation of the possibilities of a monitoring-dashboard, derivative from a South-African concept.
  • Internship BSc. (2014) At CFAP Cambodia, with Agriterra, LTO-Noord and CFAP Cambodia. Developing of a Monitoring plan, providing advice for the maintenance of 35 realized water ponds in Svay Rieng, Cambodja
  • Internship BSc. (2013). At department of Safety and sufficient water at Waterboard Hunze en Aa’s. Working on policy for water levels in the Hunze river catchment
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