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Anke Verheij

Anke Verheij

History: Young Expert at Vitens Evides International - Vietnam
YEP period 2018 - 2020, batch 16

Position after YEP

Programme Coordinator WaterWorX at VEI, Netherlands

YEP Role 

As Resident Project Officer / Water Supply Expert Asia, I’m working on the implementation of the WaterWorX project "Towards Climate Resilient Water Supply in the Southwestern Mekong Delta" and I’m engaged with portfolio management of the VEI projects in the region Asia. I'm especially involved with the WaterWorX projects in Semarang (Indonesia), Mandalay (Myanmar) and Central Visayas (the Philippines) and the FWD project in Cagayan d'Oro (the Philippines). 


The project in the Mekong Delta aims to support the water companies in the Mekong Delta in delivering sustainable and resilient water supply services in the context of developments such as climate change, land subsidence and salinity intrusion. The project is a Water Operator Partnership (WOP), a collaboration between SOCTRANGWACO (Soc Trang province), CANTHOWASSCO (Can Tho province), CANTHO2WASUCO (Can Tho province), HAWASUCO (Hau Giang province), Dragon Institute (Can Tho University), VEI and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


Please click here for more information about my project.



  • Programme coordination 
  • Project management 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation 
  • Integrated Water Resource Management 
  • (Climate) Resilient Water Supply 
  • Enabling Environment 


Nationality: Dutch 


  • MSc Environmental Sciences - Wageningen University, Major: Integrated Water Resource Management, Minor: Environmental Problems in Developing Countries 
  • BSc Human Geography, Urban Planning and International Development Studies – University of Amsterdam, Major: International Development Studies, Minor: Food & Water 

Experience before YEP 

  • Programme Officer WaterWorX – VEI 
  • Junior Policy Officer WASH - Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
  • Intern WASH - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Organisation: Vitens Evides International
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