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Thacien Munyamahame

Thacien Munyamahame

History: Young Expert at AgriProFocus - Rwanda
YEP period 2018 - 2020, batch 14

Position after YEP

Network Facilitator at Agriprofocus

YEP Role

AgriProFocus is a multi-stakeholder network organisation in the agri-food sector that is working in 12 countries in Africa and South East Asia, and headquartered based in The Netherlands. As a network with a mission to making agribusiness work for development, we strive to promote collaboration between private sector, government agencies, knowledge institutes, development partners and farmer organisations.


Our network building activities are the basis for our network approach. They are really focused on building our membership base (marketing of the network), creating a collaborative culture and trust between diverse stakeholders, organising sharing and exchange of information and lessons learned, leading to more efficient cooperation and synergy between (Dutch) members.


My task will therefore be to gather best practices for our general network building activities from the country networks; examining what strategies exist in different countries to market the AgriProFocus; what works and what doesn’t? I will distinguish between online and offline network building activities. I will then develop a plan on how to present these best practices and think of way of how to integrate these in the daily work of all network colleagues.

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  • Farming and Agriculture technologies
  • Platform and social media management
  • Communication and marketing
  • Group facilitation and training
  • Video and Photo editing

I am a professional agronomist and communicator by training and holds a Bachelor of Science honors degree in Agriculture at National University of Rwanda (NUR). I have 3 years’ experience in coordinating agricultural projects, training and coaching farmers’ organisations, farm entrepreneurship, and platform management. I also have a practical experience in conducting agricultural research for development. I am an innovative person with social qualities which can help me to adapt any condition from any environment and I positively work with a friendly manner.



Nationality: Rwandan

  • Diploma in Agri technologies (irrigation, Horticulture and value chain development) in AgroStudies program, Israel state                                                                       
  • Bachelor of Science honors Degree in Agriculture at National University of Rwanda (NUR)                                                                      
  • Certificate in Biochemistry at Groupe Scolaire de Butare

Experience before YEP

  • Marketing and Communications Facilitator, AgriProFocus Rwanda (APF)
  • Agricultural project coordinator, Better World international (BWI)
  • Assistant in value chain development advisor at International Fertilizer Development Center Rwanda (IFDC)
  • Head of Income Generation Project at Rwanda Village Concept project (RVCP)
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Organisation: AgriProFocus
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