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Celestine Kilongosi

Celestine Kilongosi

History: Young Expert at Meta Meta - Kenya
YEP period 2018 - 2020, batch 14

Position after YEP

Looking for a job in the agrofood sector

YEP Role


As a Young Expert, I am working for the flood-based livelihoods network on the project Africa to Asia: testing adaptation in flood-based resource management, focusing on the Kenya Country Chapter outputs. In addition, I support the DryDev program at ICRAF and support organising its activities. The key activities are:

  • Promoting and strengthening partnership with different stake holder levels at local, national, regional and international levels.
  • Provide technical expertise on water resource management in the flood prone areas.
  • Coordination of project activities, project management, monitoring and evaluation
  • Community mobilization and capacity development on diverse research activities e.g. mapping of flood-based areas in the country and practical application of the flood water.
  • Preparation of promotion materials
  • Enhancing visibility of the assigned tasks by writing success story articles, journal articles, research papers, books, blogs and practical notes.

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  • Coordination of Project Activities, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Community mobilization and capacity development on diverse research activities
  • Experimental design, setting up flood based livelihood experiments and field trial using different soil moisture conservation treatments, taking quantitative measurement for growth performance of crops
  • Designing and construction of water harvesting structures e.g. earth dams and water pans
  • Water resource management
  • Good communication skills
  • Team working skills
  • Creative and critical thinking

Nationality: Kenyan
Education: MSc. Agricultural Engineering (Specialization Soil and water engineering) – Finalizing, BSc. Agricultural Engineering


Experience before YEP

  • 2017, Feb - 2018, Feb; Research fellow at world Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). Conducted socio-economic and biophysical assessment of the potential of FBLS in Kajiado County and the economic benefits of the invasive species in flood prone areas. Wrote a blog on Calotropis procera. Conducted a research on the use of soil moisture and weather sensors for live monitoring of Seredo Sorghum under flood based farming system in Kamukuru, Kajiado (MSc research).
  • 2015, June- December; Sales and marketing with Jayden agencies
  • 2013, June- September; Intern at Kenya Seed Company. Focused on irrigation management.
  • 2012, June-September; Egerton University workshop technology internship. General engineering knowledge and expertise.
  • 2011, June-September; Intern at the Kenyan ministry of agriculture (Department of agricultural mechanization). Focused on the design and construction of water harvesting structures e.g. earth pans and earth dams
  • 2008, January- 2009, August; Sales and marketing with Zain Company 
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Organisation: Meta Meta
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