The main goal of the Young Expert Programmes (YEP), consisting of YEP Water & YEP Agrofood, is to offer young Dutch and local professionals the opportunity to take their first steps in an international environment. They are employed through Dutch organisations in a number of eligible countries. The programmes aim to rejuvenate the Water & Agrofood sectors and ensure the continued availability of expertise for these sectors.

The YEP Programmes are carried out jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform.


Introduction video YEP

YEP in a nutshell: the new introduction video about YEP Programmes is now online.

YEP Effect 5: result of YEP Phase I

The fifth edition of YEP Effect has been released! In this magazine, we reflect on 16 batches of Young Experts in YEP Phase I, and the new Tailor-made programme. Download here!

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New YEP positions will be available on 19 August

Preparatory training course

Training of the 17th batch starts on 16 September
Training of the 18th batch starts on 25 November
Every year we subsidise the placement of 72 young professionals
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Our Young Experts

Celestine Kilongosie - YEP Agrofood at Meta Meta in Kenya

Click here for an overview of all YEP projects at Akvo RSR

Godlove Kihupi

Young Expert at Justdiggit - Tanzania

YEP period 2018 - 2020, batch 14

Introduction to the project

To improve people’s livelihoods and climate change resilience in the Dodoma region, as part of the ultimate goal of re-greening Tanzania. Justdiggit partnered up with LEAD Foundation (based in Tanzania). The program will be implemented first in Kongwa District in Eastern part of the region; this has already started in December 2017.


YEP Role

My role in this project is communication and marketing specialist:

  • Contributing to the organisation’s communications strategy and creative methods using print, web based and multimedia to inform external audiences about LEAD Foundation and Justdiggit with the goal of increasing profiles of the two organisations. To develop positive online and offline awareness campaigns and education programs to inspire, unite and activate the entire generation in Dodoma region to re-green Dodoma. 

Other responsibilities

  • Online communication: Recommend ideas, improvements, and best practices to edit and refresh the organisation’s websites and blogs (in collaboration with other staff). Conceptualize and write stories for the organisation’s websites and blogs in collaboration with staff specialists.
  • To develop promotional materials: Collaborate with technical staff in writing and editing marketing materials, including capacity briefs. Undertake fact checking, writing and copy editing, and version control. Specific activities for this can be the printing of t-shirts, advertisement painting and other visual messages. Assist in developing materials to convey key program results and identify appropriate communication channels; facilitate the preparation and production of project reports, presentations, and other documents.
  • Social media: Manage the organisation’s social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Help set goals for the organisation’s social media presence; develop creative ways to meet those goals; and evaluate and measure progress.
  • Program support: Assist in documenting designated program results, provide day to day management and coordination of communications activities. Coordination rural outreach events, Conduct field visits as needed to accompany media visits, interview staff and beneficiaries, write human interest stories and take photos and video.
  • Public events: Attend relevant public events and conferences to promote LEAD Foundation and Justdiggit.
  • Internal communication: Manage the organisation’s communications and media resources and database.

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  • Programming skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Team work skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Creative and critical thinking

Nationality: Tanzanian
Education: BSc. Computer Science


Experience before YEP

Media Executive at Ogilvy advertising agency ( 04/2014 – 12/2014)

Media executive at Scanad advertising agency (1/2015- 4/2016)

Marketing Manager at Salt Media (05/2016 – 02/2018)

YEP Agrofood


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Thursday, January 3, 2019
Media Gathering
Beginning of December we had our first official media gathering in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This is important for us, because we use the power of communication to scale up the Justdiggit re-greening more

Friday, March 2, 2018
The travelling cinema in Dodoma, Tanzania
Our ‘Kisiki Hai’ caravan about re-greening one of the most affected landscapes has been traveling around Central Tanzania for one month already, and in two months’ time it will visit 60 more