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Anna van Roekel

Anna van Roekel

YEP period 2018 - 2020, batch 14

Young Expert at AgriProFocus - Benin

First position after YEP

Programme Manager Sustainability at Cocoanet, Ghana

YEP Role


As a Young Expert food security and ICT4Ag, I assist the Food & Nutrition Security Cluster in managing and monitoring the different projects. This involves evaluating the project cycles of the projects including annual planning and budget, inception reports and results. 

In addition to the general project tasks, my role will include:

  • Managing the ICT components related to production, market access and access to finance of the ACMA 2 project;
  • Develop a policy strategy for the Embassy: design of an approach to include technological innovations and youth in agriculture and food security projects. Based on this I will set up a working group with other donors and partner institutions;
  • Assist the team in providing technical expertise to develop ideas and advise ongoing projects and perform feasibility studies.

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  • Project organisation and coordination
  • Rural economics and financial analysis
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Analytical and solution-oriented
  • Intercultural communication

Nationality: Dutch

  • Education: BSc. International Development Studies, Wageningen University
  • MSc. Development Economics, Wageningen University. MSc. Thesis: ‘Livelihoods and Food Consumption Patterns of Young Children: A Case Study in Northern Ghana 

Experience before YEP

  • WaterFocus: I worked as Assistant Project Leader for an urban sanitation project Bola Bondeh in Ghana funded by RVO. I was responsible for the project baseline study, budgeting and reporting and implementation;
  •  Agro Eco: As a junior consultant I worked mainly on market researches and financial analysis and profiling of cocoa farmers in Ghana to improve training programs.
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Organisation: AgriProFocus
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