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Jelmer van der Weide

Jelmer van der Weide

History: Young Expert at Vitens Evides International - Malawi
YEP period 2017 - 2018, batch 13

Position after YEP

Consultant at Stevin Consultants B.V., Netherlands

YEP Role

The Malawian Northern Region Water Board (NRWB) has obtained funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to finance the “MALAWI NRWB WATER EFFICIENCY PROJECT” aimed at sustainable rehabilitating and expanding water services in Mzuzu city and Ekwendeni town.

The role indicated for me during the one year abroad is Programme Officer. A relatively free role within the project. The position is primarily focussed on supporting the key experts and keeping the NRWB’s tactical and operational departments active with respect to the findings and actions given by the key and short-term experts. My professional tasks are:

  • Support of the key experts
  • Support NRWB’s staff in Non-Revenue Water
  • Continuous persuasion of the tactical and operational departments to follow up given actions and findings by the (short-term) experts
  • Facilitate and guide workshops, work sessions and meetings
  • Writing and reviewing of reports considered as output to the EIB and NRWB
  • Data analysis (whether or not statistical)
  • Support in functional specification for procurement(s)

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  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Facilitation
  • Statistics
  • Non Revenue Water
  • Accounting
  • Chess

Nationality: Dutch
Education: BSc Civil Engineering (TU Delft), MSc Construction, Management & Engineering (TU Delft)


Experience before YEP

2015-2017: Advisor Risk Management, Engineering Office, Municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

2014-2015: Graduate Intern, Engineering Office, Municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

2011-2014: CFO of real estate foundation, Stichting Sociëteit Sint Jansbrug, Delft

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Organisation: Vitens Evides International
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