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Opita Tarcisius

Opita Tarcisius

YEP period 2015 - 2017, batch 6

Young Expert at ICS driver of development - Tanzania

First position after YEP

Project Engineer at Water Mission International, Tanzania

YEP Role

Water Project Coordinator. Being a Young Expert, I am currently working at ICS (Investing in Children and their Society as Project Coordinator in the project  Prepaid for Sustainability – Innovative Prepaid Solutions for Sustainable Water Services in Kishapu District, Tanzania. The project focuses on piloting an innovative, sustainable, prepaid water delivery concept in Maganzo and Masagala, Kishapu district in Shinyanga in Tanzania. The complete water delivery service will be addressed: from source, through delivery with a prepaid meter system, to (social) marketing and maintenance. This will be the first pilot in the country. 
As a project coordinator I will focus on developing, coordinating and monitoring the project, having both an important role in day-to-day coordination and monitoring of the project activities as well as in the strategic development of the project (spin-off opportunities) and go beyond this project timeframe. As project coordinator I have a technical background to be capable of managing also the technical aspects of the project. Think of: developing the water distribution system, water quality assurance, and involving and collaborating with relevant stakeholders, such as the government, EWURA and KASHWASA

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During my staying at previous companies that I worked for, I have gained knowledge in planning and monitoring of different projects. I have also the knowledge in the designing of water supply schemes, hydraulic structures, water/waste water treatment, infrustructures design, solid waste management, sanitation, and Environmental Impact Assessment and also I have the ability to work with professional / engineering software packages such as AutoCAD 2007/2009/2010, Arch CAD, EPANET2.0, Lips, Stella, QuantumGIS, ArchGIS, MS Project2007, Water design by Excel sheet, which I gained while I was doing my BSc. at Ardhi University Dar es salaam Tanzania.



Nationality: Tanzanian
Education: : BSc (Honours) in Water and Sanitation / Environmental Engineering, Ardhi University, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Experience before YEP

January 2015 to May: Site Engineer, Dacady ENTERPRISES Company LTD Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Duties include: supervision and construction of water supply schemes and civil works in Katavi region, supervised setting and construction of water storage tank, intake works and domestic water points. Supervised excavation of pipeline trenches, laying pipes and backfilling, supervision on operation and maintenance of water schemes.

July 2014 to December 2014Assistant District water engineer Mlele District, Katavi, Tanzania
Duties include: design of water supply and sanitation scheme, preparing structure and architectural drawings of water storage tanks, bills of quantities of the water supply and sanitation project, tender document, tendering and evaluating bidders.

Feb 2014 to June 2014: Trainee Engineer, Global Project Limited (GPL) Dar es salaam, Tanzania
Duties include: preparing the architectural and structural drawings of different constructions.

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Organisation: ICS driver of development
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