The main goal of the Young Expert Programmes (YEP), consisting of YEP Water, YEP Agrofood, YEP Energy and YEP Tailor-made, is to offer young Dutch and local professionals the opportunity to take their first steps in an international environment. They are employed through Dutch organisations in a number of eligible countries. The programmes aim to rejuvenate the water, agrofood and renewable energy sectors and ensure the continued availability of expertise for these sectors.

The YEP Programmes are carried out jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), the Food & Business Knowledge Platform and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.


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Our Young Experts

Emma Feenstra - YEP Agrofood at Fair & Sustainable in Kenya

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Ewoud de Jong Posthumus

Where is he now? Process Manager Drinking Water Production at Waternet, the Netherlands

Young Expert at Wereld Waternet - Burkina Faso

YEP period 2017 - 2019, batch 12

YEP Role

Ewoud is working as a coordinator and technical water expert for World Waternet in Burkina Faso. World Waternet is supporting the Agence de l’Eau du Gourma; a water board which is working on the integration of water resource management in eastern Burkina Faso. Ewoud’s expertise is used to launch water quantity and quality monitoring programs. He will be coordinating the acquisition, processing and analysis of data, facilitate trainings and improve cooperation between organizations in the water sector. Additionally he is supporting employees of Dutch Water Authorities with their tasks for Faso Koom; an overarching cooperation project between four Dutch and five Burkinabe water boards. The project focuses on water governance, the development of water management plans, the set-up of water monitoring programs, the establishment of local water committees and the introduction of water taxes.

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Ewoud combines his theoretical background with his hands-on mentality and pragmatism. He has the ability to approach water management issues from a societal and integrative perspective and to bring technical skills in practice.  He is a socially engaged and open-minded person with a curious attitude. These skills will be helpful to him to improve his competency to discover and recognize new project opportunities and to formulate these into concrete project ideas and proposals. 



Nationality: Dutch
Education: Ewoud received a Master degree in Water Science and Management from Utrecht University. For his graduation thesis and internship at World Waternet he did research to the effects of population growth and climate change on the water availability of a reservoir in eastern Burkina Faso. The results of the research enabled the regional water authorities to better assess the potential of this water resource for the drinking water supply of the city of Fada n'Gourma. Prior to his master Ewoud obtained a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen with a minor in Drinking Water Supply Engineering at Aarhus University in Denmark. He obtained work experience in (drinking) water management sector during internships at consultancy firms and a governmental organization.


Experience before YEP

2016: World Waternet | Amsterdam | intern

Hydrological research on reservoirs and interdisciplinary cross-cultural collaboration with water professionals in Burkina Faso


2015: Research centre NoorderRuimte | Groningen | intern

Applied research on swale systems in Groningen


2015: Witteveen+Bos | Deventer | Intern

Activities performed in the department of Water Supply


  • Research on temporary pump installations
  • Water supply system modelling
  • Creating maps
  • 2D drafting
  • 3D drafting

2014: Sweco (formerly Grontmij) | Assen | Intern

Activities performed in the department of water management:

  • Research on collaboration in the Dutch water chain
  • Writing a design brief
  • Conducting water assessments
  • Creating maps
  • Calculating costs (SSK)
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Sunday, July 29, 2018
Preparations for major projects
The Dutch water authorities and the Ministry of Water and Sanitation of Burkina Faso have established a project team and formulated a road map for coordination between ministries, providing a solid more

G. Kabore, V. Oostenbrink, H. Post, A. Sori, M. Congo

Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Human right to water and sanitation
Etienne Nacoulma and I participated in a three-days’ workshop on ‘A human rights-based approach to water and sanitation’, hosted by Oxfam hashtag#SPONG and hashtag#DANIDA, as part of the more


Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Workshop on hydrologic modelling
I had the honour to participate and share my knowledge in a three-day workshop on hydrologic modelling in Burkina Faso, hosted by the International Office for Water and attended by Regional Water more