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Etienne Nacoulma

Etienne Nacoulma

History: Young Expert at Wereld Waternet - Burkina Faso
YEP period 2017 - 2019, batch 12

Position after YEP

Coordinator for five Water Boards at World Waternet Burkina Faso

YEP Role


 In my role as Young Water Expert I am working as a coordinator and technical assistant for World Waternet at the Gourma water board in Burkina Faso. The water board is working on the integration of water resource management in eastern Burkina Faso. It is my task to coordinate the acquisition, processing and interpretation of data, and to facilitate trainings on hydrogeology and geophysics. I will improve cooperation between Dutch and Burkina Faso water organizations. A part of my activities is to share knowledge about geology, hydrology, remote sensing and geophysics and to support/supervise Dutch students with their internship activities in Burkina Faso and to share my experiences.


I am also supporting employees of the Dutch Water Authorities with tasks for the project Faso Koom, which focuses on water governance, the establishment of local water committees, the development of water management plans, the set-up of water monitoring programs and the introduction of water taxes.

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I am open-minded person, with a big sense of loyalty and responsibility. As a hard worker, I really like to be challenged in my work by complex questions and to think on an analytical and strategic level. That permit me to develop some technics skills like:

  • Integrate Water management
  • Hydrogeological data acquisition, processing and analyzing
  • Geological data acquisition, processing and analyzing
  • Geophysical data acquisition, processing and analyzing
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Geographic Information Systems processing
  • Remote sensing data acquisition, processing and analyzing
  • Trainer and team player

Nationality: Burkinabe

  • MSc in Geoscience Engineering from Application of Geoscience High Institute( Institut Superieur d’Application des Geosciences : ISAG in French) at Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou (20015-2017)
  • BSc in Geosciences from Geology department of Pr Zoseph Ki-Zerbo Ouaga1 University at Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou (2009-2013)

Experience before YEP

  • From Jun to September 2017: Entreprise Saint Remy (ESR) |Ouagadougou | Intern                                
    Hydro geologist (geophysical survey and drilling Engineer)
  • From September to November 2017: LIMAFRICA Sarl |Ouagadougou | Intern 
    Geophysical data process and interpretation for mineral and groundwater resources exploration and exploitation
  • From October 2015 to Jun 2017: ISAG |Ouagadougou | Intern                                                           
    Geographic information system and remote sensing specialization
  • From October 2013 to May 2015: Secondary school (la Boussole; la référence; Aime Césaire; Saint Anne et Joachim) |Ouagadougou | Teaching                                                                                               
    Mathematics ant natural sciences teacher ; Pedagogics supervisor and coaching from first to terminal Class at the secondary schools
  • From October 2009 to October 2010: Secondary school | Ouagadougou | Supervisor
    Coaching and supervising Schools boys at Kombissiri municipality’s Secondary school
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Organisation: Wereld Waternet
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