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Gideon Masedi Lomoko

Gideon Masedi Lomoko

History: Young Expert at Witteveen + Bos - Ghana
YEP period 2017 - 2019, batch 11

Position after YEP

Masters study in Environmental Engineering Vilnius, Lithuania

YEP Role

For Witteveen+Bos, water and agrofood are the most important sector for our activities in West Africa. Besides these sectors, activities in mining, ports and oil and gas sector are undertaken in the region. I will work primarily on the water projects as well as projects in the agriculture sector relating to water management. At the moment the Witteveen+Bos Ghana Branch is actively working on several water related projects in Ghana and surrounding countries which fit within the field of water and agrofood of the YEP programme. I will work alongside local and international engineers on different projects being executed by Witteveen+Bos.

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  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • AutoCad, Revit, EPANET

Nationality: Ghanaian
Education: BSc. Civil Engineering at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana


Experience before YEP

2016 to date: Junior Civil Engineer at Aquaculture Facility, Ghana - SkyFox Ghana Ltd

Topographic and geotechnical survey; Water balance to determine the required flushing and water source; Design of the fish farm, from preliminary design to detailed design; A spatial plan for the farm and training facility; Budget estimate of the components of the detailed design. Activities:

  • Site inspection for Aquaculture facility (topographic survey)
  • Drafted field report for topographic survey

2016 to date:  Junior Civil Engineer at Irrigation and drainage master plan Kabilpe, Ghana - Premium Foods Limited

Preliminary design for farm B and C. Activities:

  • Assisted in the preliminary design of the secondary and plot drains of Farms B&C
  • Assisted in the preliminary design of the demarcation of farmable plots on Farms B&C

2016: Supervisor at Urban Flood Risk Assessment, Accra, Ghana - HKV Lijn in Water and VIA Water 

Mapping of Secondary drains in a pilot study area. Activities:

  • Arranged meetings with stakeholders in the drainage and waste sector 
  • Drafted letters to stakeholders in the drainage and waste sector
  • Coordinated the National Sanitation Day activity
  • Assisted in organising a workshop for the project
  • Assisted in conducting technical and social surveys in pilot study area
  • Assisted in drafting the methodology for urban flood risk assessment report
  • Involved in creation of awareness through Social Media Experiment
  • Involved in the education of people concerning flood risk through the media

2016: Facilitator at Cape Coast Water Supply Training, Ghana - Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL)                                                           

Capacity Building. Activities:

  • Preparation of presentations and training materials on Hydraulics/EPANET
  • Presentation on EPAnet at workshop
  • Assisting GWCL staff with EPAnet exercises at workshop

2016 to date: Junior Civil Engineer at Proposal for survey, sampling and consultancy services for de-silting ponds 2 &3 of the Obuasi gold mine in Ghana - AngloGold-Ashanti, Obuasi 

Upgrading of ponds 2 and 3 of Anglo Ashanti. Activities:

  • Inspection of vessel and Electronic hoist
  • Conducted a survey of ponds 2&3 of the Obuasi gold mine
  • Prepared a checklist for the inspection of the vessel, electronic hoist and survey of ponds 2&3 of the Obuasi gold mine
  • Drafted the report  for the inspection of the vessel, electronic hoist and survey of ponds 2 &3 of the Obuasi gold mine
  • Involved in the sampling of sediments in ponds 2&3 at the Obuasi gold mine

2016: Junior Civil Engineer at Consultancy services for update assessment and strategic planning of liquid waste management in GAMA, Ghana - World Bank (Project Coordinating Unit, MLGRD)     

Field assessments, sewage, septage management, stabilization ponds, design. Activities: 

  • Assisted with the technical audit of facilities of some current sewerage/septage facilities in GAMA
  • Assisted with the preparation of the technology review for liquid waste management in GAMA
  • Assisted in making preliminary designs for liquid waste treatment facility in GAMA

2016: Assistant Civil Engineer at Compendium of Toilets in Ghana - Rapha Consult

Research. Activities:

  • Drafted report on compendium of toilet in Ghana

National service at Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

Description of Duties:

  • Organised and coordinated meetings and workshops for WASH activities
  • Assisted in data collection and designing instrument for monitoring and evaluation
  • Involved in water and sanitation activities for UNICEF and CLTS Programmes
  • Drafted Administrative letters and delivered letters
  • Reviewed the master plan reports of various assignments
  • Assisted in writing of minutes at workshops and meetings for WASH activities
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