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Mariano Zeinnico

Mariano Zeinnico

History: Young Expert at Deltares - Indonesia
YEP period 2017 - 2018, batch 11

Position after YEP

Python Developer at M+ Software, Indonesia

YEP Role

I was part of the Deltares Indonesia team and worked as a Young Expert in operational water management. My responsibilities were developing mobile, web or desktop application using several programming languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, etc. I also contributed to give training some applications and programs to local people and clients, most are real time information applications and early warning systems about flood and water sector. Being part of operational water management was exciting, we should be aware when flood is coming, be ready to get dirty and dealing with people who are stakeholders in flood disasters. 

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  • Technical skills in information technology, such as coding and networking
  • Self-motivated & hardworking



Nationality: Indonesian
Education: Bachelor Degree of Informatics Engineering from Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta University, Indonesia


Experience before YEP

I have some experience regarding early warning system and informatics system, which are:

  • Researched, planned, and built landslide early warning system in Indonesia using FEWS and TRIGRS model,
  • Maintenance information system website about rainfall in Central Java Indonesia based on data from EWR Weather Scout radar.
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Organisation: Deltares
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