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Mariane Pajarillo

Mariane Pajarillo

YEP period 2017 - 2019, batch 11

Young Expert at Royal HaskoningDHV - Philippines

First position after YEP

Civil Engineer at Royal HaskoningDHV, the Philippines

YEP Role

I am working in Royal HaskoningDHV’s Philippine office since January 2016. I am involved as drainage engineer for the Pasay-Parañaque Reclamation Project together with other Dutch and local experts. The most important purpose of the of the urban drainage is to design it in such a way that the island’s discharge will not cause flooding to the islands during extreme rainfall events while introducing Water Sensitive Design principles to delay and store as much water as possible. In addition to this, I will also work on other river engineering, water supply and hydropower projects in Philippines, and I will also support the team in proposal writing, and building-up a business network with offices/colleagues in several other countries such as Netherlands, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries.


My role in the Pasay-Parañaque Reclamation Project is related to the drainage and water management, but the entire development of around 700ha new developable land will contributing the wider urban development of the Metro-Manila. The vision for the Pasay-Parañaque Reclamation Development project is to be the “City of the Future”. This is to be achieved through sustainable development patterns, a balance of uses, efficient infrastructure, high quality office and housing districts, ample entertainment and recreation opportunities, and world-class lifestyle retail and tourism developments. Collectively, these will create a new destination, improving the function and upgrading the image of the Metro-Manila while accommodating its growth.

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  • Affinity with hydrological and hydraulic studies, flood protection, flood management and restoration of river systems
  • Able to work towards high quality deliverables and in time

  • Talent for communication and networking skills

  • Good analytical skills

  • Proficient in English on an Academic level (orally and in writing)

  • Hard working and motivated

  • Entrepreneurial and customer approach


Nationality: Filipino
Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines


Experience before YEP

I’m a Civil Engineer with 3.5-year experience in various water engineering works, such as the evaluation of potential flood risks, feasibility studies and engineering designs of water supply, drainage and landscape irrigation systems and hydropower developments. After my graduation, I started working in the Philippines with a local consultancy firm as a Hydrologist/Hydraulics/Drainage Engineer, then worked in Singapore for almost 2 years as a site and quality assurance engineer, and since 2016 I got involved in water projects again and became Drainage/Hydraulics Engineer as employee of Royal HaskoningDHV Philippines.

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Organisation: Royal HaskoningDHV
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