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Siviwe Senso Gontsi

Siviwe Senso Gontsi

History: Young Expert at Colsen - South Africa
YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 10

Position after YEP

Mechanical Engineer at Colsen, South Africa

YEP Role

I am employed as a Junior Mechanical Engineer at Aquest Colsen through the YEP programme.

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I have developed skills in technical drawings using a vast number of software such as (Autodesk Auto CAD, Plant 3D and Autodesk Inventor). Also, I am experienced in mechanical maintenance and installations. 



Nationality: South African
Education: National Diploma (Mechanical)


Experience before YEP

I previously worked at Shatterprufe, an Automotive grass manufacturing factory/industry where I worked with the maintenance department as an Intern.

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Organisation: Colsen
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