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Nadja den Besten

Nadja den Besten

YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 10

Young Expert at Van der Sat - Mozambique

First position after YEP

Remote Sensing Scientist at VanderSat

YEP Role

As a Young Expert in Mozambique I am working as a hydrologist and field manager for the research and consultancy organization FutureWater. FutureWater works throughout the world to combine scientific research with practical solutions for water management. Since 2015 FutureWater manages a project in Mozambique: “ThirdEye: Flying Sensors to Support Farmer’s Decision Making”. Half of my time I am implementing this project, together with my colleagues in the Netherlands and Mozambique. The most important objective for this part of my job is acquisition, finding new commercial opportunities for the project. The rest of my time I spend on writing proposals and other technically assist other projects of FutureWater in Mozambique. Due to the variety within my job, I get to speak to a lot of different people on different levels, therefore experiencing the water-related challenges from farm to national level. 

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  • Project management
  • Proposal writing
  • Acquisition

Nationality: Dutch
Education: MSc Water Management (Tecnical University Delft, the Netherlands)


Experience before YEP

I have had several jobs and projects before my YEP experience. All these projects and jobs link to (rural) environmental development. I am very interested in rural development and the role of water in development challenges. I believe in small-scale solution, through my work I try to obtain as much experience as possible in order to contribute to solutions I believe in.

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Organisation: Van der Sat
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