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Emilinah Namaganda

Emilinah  Namaganda

YEP period 2017 - 2019, batch 10

Young Expert at Shared Value Foundation - Uganda

First position after YEP

PhD candidate at Utrecht University, the Netherlands & Mozambique

YEP Role

As a Young Expert, I am doing research in Uganda and Tanzania on how to create shared value in relation to land based investments, between private investors and the local communities in which they invest. To this end, I am engaging with local communities through interviews and focus group discussions where I collect data on local needs and priorities.


I am also organising stakeholder meetings including government authorities, NGOs and private investors where their needs and priorities are also ascertained. The outcomes from discussions with all these different parties are then brought into 3-day learning meetings with the aim to better align land based investments with local needs.


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  • Social Network Analysis
  • Institutional Analysis
  • Water and Land Management 

Nationality: Ugandan
Education: Master of Environmental Science, Wageningen University, The Netherlands


Experience before YEP

In 2014, after my obtaining Bachelor Degree, I worked with Makerere University, Uganda on research investigating the role of institutions in reducing vulnerability to climate change in the Lake Victoria Basin. I conducted interviews with institutions involved in water resource management in the Basin.


Through the interviews, I gathered data on what was being done to adapt to climate change, what collaborations were occurring, and could occur, in order to contribute to climate change adaptation in the Lake Victoria Basin. Using Social Network Analysis, I gave recommendations on the nature of collaboration that need to occur to contribute to climate change adaptation in the basin.


In 2015, I started my Masters Programme. Within the programme, I undertook research into how institutions in the Rufiji Basin, Tanzania could collaborate towards water resource management under climate change uncertainty in the basin. I also conducted an internship at the Global Water Partnership Organization in Stockholm. Most of my work here involved analyzing how countries could be supported in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goal 6 on water access and sanitation.

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Organisation: Shared Value Foundation
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