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Geerten Horn

Geerten  Horn

YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 9

Young Expert at HKV Lijn in Water - Ghana

First position after YEP

Medior advisor Rivers, Coasts and Deltas at HKV, the Netherlands

YEP Role

I worked as a consultant Rivers, Coasts and Delta’s for HKV in Ghana en Togo. HKV was appointed by the World Bank to implement the Oti Flood Risk Hazard Assessment project. The project aimed to build capacity at water authorities in Ghana and Togo, to determine the flood risk, the effectiveness of flood risk mitigation measures, both structural and non-structural, as well as to establish a flood early warning system. The assignment included data collection, a field survey, modelling, the installation of a transboundary early warning system and training of national staff. I was based in Accra to primarily work on this project together with staff in the Neterlands.

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  • Technical knowledge on hydrology, hydraulics and meteorology
  • Modeling, building and analyzing
  • Analyzing big data
  • Structural thinker
  • Goal oriented, independent worker and adapting easily

Nationality: Dutch

  • University of Wageningen, MSc Earth and Environment, double specialization: (1) Hydraulics and River Morphology, and (2) Atmospheric boundary layer processes
  • University of Wageningen, BSc Soil, Water and Atmosphere


Experience before YEP

Consultant Rivers, Coasts and Delta’s at HKV consultants – Lelystad, the Neterlands (May 2015 – September 2016)

At HKV I participated in different projects focused on flood protection and safety, river processes, sedimentation, computational fluid dynamics and FEWS systems.


Internship HKV consultants – Lelystad, the Neterlands (Nov 2014 – Mar 2015)

During my internship I worked on developing approaches to restore the Mississippi delta’s degraded ecosystem – while meeting the needs of navigation, coastal industries and the region’s unique communities and culture. My focus was on hydrodynamic and morphodynamic responses to design measures, as well as providing innovative engineering concepts to achieve a sustainable management of the Louisiana delta.

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Organisation: HKV Lijn in Water
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