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Nicky Schepers

Nicky  Schepers

YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 9

Young Expert at Resilience B.V. - Mozambique

First position after YEP

Project manager at Resilience BV, Mozambique

YEP Role

Country Manager at Resiliencia Mocambique Lda.  My tasks included: data collection, analyzing, reporting, networking, administration and planning. The project I mainly worked on is called: Unravelling the potential of farmer led irrigation development in the BAGC (Beira Agricultural Growth Corridor), Mozambique.

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  • Hydrology

  • Networker

  • Team player

  • Analytical

  • Experienced in field data collection


Nationality: Dutch
Education: MSc Hydrology and Water Quality at Wageningen University


Experience before YEP

I worked as water consultant at Tauw bv in the Netherlands for more than two years. The first 1,5 year I followed their traineeship, which gave me the opportunity to work on three different departments: Water management; Water treatment and Spatial planning. When completing my traineeship, I continued working on the Spatial planning department and was mainly active in integrated urban water projects.


During my studies, I spend 5 months in Ecuador to collect data of the hydrological cycle of the paramo area in the field as input for my thesis: Water balance of the Zuletarian paramo. Furthermore, I spend 8 months in Nicaragua to fulfill my internschip at Waterschap Rijn en IJssel. I worked on the project: Clean water for La Libertad. I mainly spend my time in setting up a monitoring program to collect hydrological data of the river Mico catchment, in cooperation with five municipalities. 

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Organisation: Resilience B.V.
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