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Lawrence Kimaru

Lawrence Kimaru

History: Young Expert at SNV - Kenya
YEP period 2013 - 2015, batch 1

Position after YEP

WASH Expert at SNV Kenya

YEP Role

My role as a Local-YEP'er was as the WASH Advisor for SNV in providing advisory services - Demonstrating and Up-scaling of an Innovative Sanitation Value Chain for the (Peri)-Urban Low Income Areas project.

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  • Undertake preparatory studies; including a market survey to determine consumer preferences, technology options, household segmentation, etc., as well as an end-user survey among residents of Low Income Areas (LIAs) on willingness to borrow money and ability to pay it back.
  • Capacity building support to private sector actors, entrepreneurs and youth groups involved in the collection and transport of human waste (including business planning, entrepreneurship and financial aspects).
  • Spearhead a market research into willingness of farmers to use compost and urine as bio-fertilizer, potential crops and potential users of the products, relating it to good practice in other African countries.
  • Contribute to formation of a sanitation value chain expert group.
  • Documentation of project approach and outcomes for dissemination and up-scaling to other towns and cities in Kenya.

Nationality: Kenyan
Education: I have a background in Sociology and Philosophy (BA. Hons) Kenya, in addition I am currently pursuing Applied Philosophy and Ethics (MA).


Experience before YEP

I have experience in implementing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programme with specific tasks to contribute to program planning, implementation and evaluation of program/project activities as well as supporting analytical work.

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Organisation: SNV
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