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Welid Abdi

Welid  Abdi

History: Young Expert at Vitens Evides International - Ethiopia
YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 9

Position after YEP

Senior Water Quality Expert at HWSSA Ethiopia

YEP Role

My roles were project manager for water for Life urban proposal and Team leader for operation and maintenances manual development for rural water schemes, project manager for Non revenue water (NRW) reduction and assistant project manager for rural Water For Life proposal.

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  • Project Management
  • Good planning and reporting skills
  • Able to work well independently
  • A proven interest in water and sanitation services
  • Good oral and written communication, analyzing, writing and computer skills
  • Prefer to work in a multicultural, flexible and professional environment
  • Actively focused on achieving results and objectives
  • Strong desire to develop knowledge and learn

Nationality: Ethiopian
Education: Bsc. in Environmental Health and Master of public health in Occupational Health and Safety Management from University  of Gonder


Experience before YEP

  • Project manager for urban Water For Life (WFL) at Harari water supply and sewerage authority
  • Senior Water quality expert at Harari water supply and sanitation authority
  • Worked as Environmental Health Officer in Jugel Hospital
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Organisation: Vitens Evides International
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