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Dipankar Aich

Dipankar Aich

YEP period 2015 - 2016, batch 6

Young Expert at The Hague Institute for Global Justice - Bangladesh

First position after YEP

International Expert at GIZ, Germany

YEP Role

Functional titles:

  • Programme Officer (IUCN Bangladesh)
  • Research Expert - Brahmaputra Region (THIGJ, The Netherlands)

I joined The Hague Institute for Global Justice as a “Research Expert - Brahmaputra Region” as part of the project titled “Water Diplomacy: Making Water Cooperation Work” on behalf of the IUCN Asia. I was a staff member of IUCN stationed in Bangladesh since 9 March 2014. Initially I was attached to the trans-boundary water dialogue project titled “Ecosystems for life: A Bangladesh-India Initiative” as the Dialogue Coordinator. Since the end of that project I have been assigned as a core staff of IUCN in Bangladesh as Programme Officer in order to manage and develop multiple projects in the field of Natural Resource Management.

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Professional skills:

  • Project management of complex multi-country politically sensitive topics such as cross-boundary ecosystems like water and forests
  • Campaigns and creative communications + presentation skills + writing
  • Financial Planning – project budget
  • Theory of Change and Logical Framework Analysis

Research skills:

  • Background in Environmental and Resource Economics, Political Economy, Green Economy Analysis
  • Statistical and Econometric analysis
  • Qualitative and mixed methodologies
  • Extensive field research and research management skills in South Asia

Nationality: Bangladeshi
Education: I completed a double specialization in MSc. in Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE) and Forest Ecosystem Management (FEM) under the international master programme “Sustainable Resource Management” at the TUM in Germany. I earned the Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with a second major in Economics from North South University (NSU) in Bangladesh. I have authored and co-authored research papers, policy papers, monographs, and a chapter on ecosystem services valuation of the Sundarbans mangrove forest in Bangladesh.


Experience before YEP

I have more than 9 years of experience in development and research. My research experience has been in the areas of ecosystems services valuation, green economy and political economy of development. My career in the development sector revolves around cooperation and diplomacy in trans-boundary ecosystems, Food security and hunger and compliance of supermarket supply-chains. Previously, I worked for organizations like Asian Center for Development in Bangladesh, ActionAid International in Bangladesh, UNEP’s Regional Office for Europe in Geneva, UNODC in Vienna and Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) in Munich. I also did a short term consultancy with IUCN Bangladesh prior to joining IUCN in March 2014.

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Organisation: The Hague Institute for Global Justice
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