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Bayardo Gonzalez

Bayardo Gonzalez

History: Young Expert at Waterschap Noorderzijlvest - Nicaragua
YEP period 2014 - 2015, batch 2

Position after YEP

PhD-researcher at UNESCO-IHE the Netherlands

YEP Role

I worked as Local  Young Water Expert for WS Noorderzijlvest.  As a Young Expert I was involved in all main project activities in which Noorderzijlvest had a strong role within project MULGRO: the development of the integrated water resources management plans, the training of local water officials, the strengthening of local and regional water management according to the national water laws in both countries, and the process of exchange of knowledge and experience via international discussions and seminars.
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I am very committed to my work, willing to learn and always ready to go the extra mile.



Nationality: Nicaraguan
Education: Msc. Municipal Water and Infrastructure Specialization Water Supply, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


Experience before YEP

I have participated in the design of over twenty wastewater treatment plants in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. Besides that, I had also supervised and built five treatment facilities and have been responsible for the development of three potable water plant designs.

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Organisation: Waterschap Noorderzijlvest
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