Young Experts

Ante Zoric

Ante Zoric

YEP period 2016 - 2017, batch 7

Young Expert at Vitens Evides International - Malawi

First position after YEP

Product developer at Mobile Water Management BV, the Netherlands

YEP Role

As a young professional, I assisted the Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) with the implementation of hydraulic models in the network, performing calculations on the necessary expansions and replacements, evaluating external studies, and embed my knowledge in the organisation. Coaching the new staff of LWB in working with hydraulic models and GIS was the main focus of my mission. Within VEI, I assisted the short-term experts from the Netherlands which joined the team in Malawi to resolve various technical and financial issues.

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Keywords for career-related skills and interesting fields

Civil engineering, hydraulic structures, water management, drinking water, hydraulic modelling, GIS, sustainable development, interdisciplinary research, hydrology, socio-hydrology, irrigation and flood modelling, socio-economic aspects, environmental impact assessment, offshore, technical drawings, project management and planning, remote sensing, archaeology



  • Dutch: fluent
  • Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian: fluent
  • English: full working knowledge
  • German: minimal working knowledge

Computer skills

  • QGIS – remote sensing
  • EPANET – hydraulic modelling
  • SOBEK – hydraulic modelling
  • AutoCAD – technical drawings

Nationality: Dutch / Croatian
Education: Master of Science, civil engineering with specializations hydraulic engineering and water management; Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Bachelor of Engineering, civil engineering; Windesheim, University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands


Experience before YEP

During my masters I have broadened my scientific and professional scope regarding various topics in water management and hydraulic engineering. These include riverine and coastal flood risk management, complete designs of diverse hydraulic structures, full-interdisciplinary research in present-day and prehistoric irrigation, and the inherent human aspects in a world where constant feedback between social demands and technical solutions calls for sustainability and creativity. See my LinkedIn profile for more details.

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Organisation: Vitens Evides International
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