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Carlos Lopes Capitão

Carlos Lopes Capitão

YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 7

Young Expert at Vitens Evides International - Mozambique

First position after YEP

Technical assistent at Vitens Evides International, Mozambique

YEP Role

As a Young Expert I worked for Vitens Evides Intenational, where I delivered on-the-job technical assistance and training to AIAS-contracted small-town water operators in the field of the production and distribution of water. I did a management job as well, that consisted in identifying the investment needed for the water operators and supported them in the quest for funding of those investment needs, developing and submitting proposals to various funders to acquire funding for pro poor investments in water and sanitation, and support AIAS to monitor water operator performance throughout the country (Mozambique).

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My skills come from the experiences I have gained in different projects and also things that I liked to do as a child. During the work that I have done I realized, that I have the ability to fix technical issues, because I easily have solved technical problems, and  provided with a certain proficiency training for people with low experience. As an engineer I like to work in team environment, listen to everyone's opinion and make a critical analysis and provide smart solutions to problems that we have not encountered before. I believe that I am a good leader in the projects that I have been involved in; I could plan, set priorities, delegate, make decisions and influence people with my knowledge and communication ability. I’m really interested in hydraulic engineering and water resource management in developing countries, water supply and voluntary activities related to water.



Nationality: Mozambican
Education: Degree in Rural Engineering (Universidade  Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique) Specialization: Water and Sanitation Engineering (Universidade  Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique)


Experience before YEP

  • 2016 Technical assist at Vitens Evides International: provided technical assistance and training, develop investment plan and monitoring performance
  • 2015 Lead Engineer of rural constructions department at INOVECO lda: technical leader, project supervisor, research and development of innovative technologies
  • 2014 Environmental management technician at CCS-Italy: waste management, provide training, production of fertilizers
  • 2014 Trainee at FIPAG in water treatment plant: Projection of water treatment plant,  operation and Maintenance, Water Quality Control
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Organisation: Vitens Evides International
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