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Joseph Lopez Montañez

Joseph Lopez Montañez

History: Young Expert at Brabant Water - Colombia
YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 7

Position after YEP

Master Water & Sanitation at Unesco-IHE, the Netherlands

YEP Role

As an environmental and sanitary engineer I worked in AGUAS DEL MAGDALENA S.A.E.S.P. (through Brabant Water) as part of the design team for drinking water systems and sewage water systems, but also I worked in the environmental area in charge of getting the licenses required in order to get the approval from the ministry to construct the treatment plants around the Magdalena department. With this experience and with the YEP resources I am more than ready to find innovative solutions for drinking water and sewage water systems in my country or in any others.

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According to my MBTI I have a INFJ personality which makes clear my creativity in untypical situations that requires a different point of view, my determination and passion to reach all the goals I desire. In the other hand I am decisive and I can be inspiring and convincing with the people that surround me, making the teamwork an activity that I enjoy in different levels.


I have an insatiable desire for learn, expand and share my knowledge in a healthy environment with my colleagues and I really enjoy learning different languages such as English and Portuguese which I taught myself.



Nationality: Colombian
Education: BSc Environmental and Sanitary Engineering


Experience before YEP

I started working in AGUAS DEL MAGDALENA from August to December of 2014 as an internship helping with the necessary environmental licenses and sanitary concepts for projects. Then from January to December of 2015 I was also signed as part of the designing team, which allowed me to work directly with drinking water and sewage water systems besides my previous tasks.


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Organisation: Brabant Water
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