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Liliane Uwineza

Liliane Uwineza

History: Young Expert at SNV - Rwanda
YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 7

Position after YEP

WASH advisor at SNV Kenya

YEP Role

My assignment as Young Expert was as WASH Advisor at SNV (Netherlands Development Organisation) in a USAID funded project; integrated nutrition and water sanitation, hygiene activities (INWA) Project. The goal of the project was to improve the nutrition, hygiene and sanitation status of women of reproductive age and children under five. My major tasks included but not limited to ensure the coordination of Community Based Environment Health Promotion (CBEHPP) implementation with Local Civil society at District level and carry out water, sanitation and hygiene needs assessment.


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  • Professional in environmental Heath with special focus on in WASH project Program design and implementation in communities, schools and emergency situations,
  • Skilled in community engagement and sustainability strategies,
  • Proven capability to conduct community assessment, Program / Project Design, Program/project implementation strategies, Program / project monitoring and Evaluation
  • Technical knowledge in water project design, water supply and water treatment techniques
  • Ability to design community training modules and community Mobilization
  • Skilled in people management and team building
  • Strong management and negotiation skills in pursuit of objectives.
  • Capacity to manage different stake holders to achieve a common project goal
  • Ability to work independently as well in team working environment
  • Ability to work under pressure


Nationality: Rwandan

  • Diploma in Biology and chemistry at FAWE Girls Schools,
  • BSc Environmental Health sciences (former Kigali Health Institute)
  • Ongoing Master’s Program in International Development Program at Andrews University

 Experience before YEP

4 years working experience in water sanitation and hygiene at World Vision International


January 2014- December 2015:  Working in World Vision as WASH Facilitator in WASH emergency response project Funded by UNHCR

Major responsibilities included but not limited to:

  • Develop Plans for WASH Emergency implementation in Mugombwa refugee camp hosting 10,000 refugees according sphere standards,
  • Train Hygiene promoters in the camp and monitor their activities,
  • Monitoring provision of  water, sanitation and hygiene services in Mugombwa refugee camp,
  • Focal point for integration of protection and health affairs in WASH

October 2011 – January 2014: Working at World Vision International as WASH Facilitator in UBUZIMA WASH program

 Major responsibilities included but not limited to:

  • Develop Plans for WASH implementation in Kayonza District based Area Development Program,
  • Facilitate implementation of WASH activities in Community, Schools and Public health institutions
  • Develop WASH monitoring and evaluation tools to track program progress
  • Engage the community in implementation of WASH program for sustainability
  • Manage WASH interventions (Water supply, sanitation promotion and Hygiene education) at Kayonza based Area Development Program
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Organisation: SNV
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