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Klaas de Vries

Klaas de Vries

History: Young Expert at AgriProFocus - Kenya
YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 7

Position after YEP

Business case developer at SNV Rwanda

YEP Role

As a young expert I worked as an advisor for SNV Kenya on implementation of HortIMPACT, which is also known as the Kenya Market-led Horticulture Programme. HortIMPACT contributes to increased food and nutrition security, increased incomes and a dynamic and sustainable horticulture sector in Kenya. Three themes, crucial for further development of the horticulture sector are central: 1) inclusion of small and medium sized, entrepreneurial farmers in supply chains; 2) improving food safety and integrated crop protection and 3) reducing food losses and efficiency in supply chains. HortIMPACT mostly focuses on fruits and vegetables.


The approach taken by HortIMPACT entails cooperation with Dutch and Kenyan agricultural entrepreneurs, both small and medium sized commercial farmers, input providers, exporters and traders in so called business cases. Business cases will benefit from advanced but appropriate technologies and products, improved agricultural practices and market linkages. As a YEPer my main task was to contribute to the identification and development of such business cases.

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Over the past few years I have been involved in projects that are aimed at improving food and nutrition security and private sector development in various countries in Africa and South East Asia. While developing and implementing such projects, I have always been motivated to contribute to finding sustainable solutions to complex development challenges while working in multicultural contexts. In doing so, I have always enjoyed working with a variety of stakeholders such as companies, governments, donors, NGOs and knowledge institutes. Connecting the dots that are the strengths and interests of those different types of stakeholders to identify innovative solutions to stimulate food and nutrition security is what I see as my main quality.



Nationality: Dutch

  • Advanced Master International Development, Radboud Universiteit, the Netherlands
  • MA International Relations and International Organisation, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands
  • BA International Relations and International Organisation, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands

Experience before YEP

  • Before joining SNV and the YEP programme I worked for four years at the Centre for Development Innovation at Wageningen UR. In those four years I worked as a project manager and knowledge broker in projects related to agriculture-nutrition linkages, inclusive value chain development and food security policy support to Dutch ministries and embassies
  • I have also completed internships in Uganda (As policy advisor in the Food Security and private sector development department of the Dutch Embassy in Kampala) and in Indonesia (As researcher in the local economic development department of Bapeda Kota Singkawang)
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Organisation: AgriProFocus
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