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Martina Groenemeijer

Martina Groenemeijer

YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 7

Young Expert at Practica Foundation - Kenya

First position after YEP

Product manager at Future Pump, Kenya

YEP Role

As a young expert working for PRACTICA Foundation and Futurepump Kenya I was mainly involved in the data collection for monitoring and evaluation of the Sunflower solar irrigation pump. In order to ensure the pump meets customers’ requirements, relevant data on the technical performance, social, environmental and economic impact needed to be collected. Therefore, a system for data collection and analysis needed to be set-up.


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Community Water Management
Irrigation and drainage
Field data collection



Nationality: Dutch
Education: Bsc and Msc International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University. Minor: Delta thinker, preserving water at Delft University of Technology. Msc Thesis research: Statistical comparison of the water productivity of Argentinean irrigators


Experience before YEP

  • Innovation education assistant, Water Resource Management Chair Group, Wageningen University: I helped renew the Msc course Water System Design for Water Use from Multiple Sources, where the conjunctive use of surface water, groundwater, waste water and drainage for irrigation is tackled. I created online e-modules in Blackboard in combination with FeedbackFruits, filmed irrigation practices on location in Hyderabad, India and edited videos and studio recordings into knowledge clips.
  • Consultancy Intern Community Water Management Pilot, Euroconsult MottMacdonald, Blue Gold Program, Bangladesh: Developed and executed a baseline study on production and field drainage within a polder in Bangladesh and supported the first steps towards implementation.
  • Research Intern and Bsc thesis, Bridges Across Borders Cambodia (BABC), Cambodia: Assessed a small scale irrigation system, both the infrastructure as well as the management to review possibilities for improvement or expansion.
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Organisation: Practica Foundation
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