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Vincent van Reenen

Vincent van Reenen

History: Young Expert at Moyee Coffee - Ethiopia
YEP period 2015 - 2016, batch 7

First position after YEP

CR Specialist at PVH Corp., the Netherlands

YEP Role

Based on the fact that coffee beans quadruple in value when processed to a consumable product, contrary to the global coffee industry Moyee produces its coffee locally. Their business model is focused on creating what we call Fairchain impact. Done by supporting smallholder farmers and other chain actors in several ways, by building up a roasting facility in Ethiopia and by exporting the final product. Moyee Coffee was in its start- up phase, therefore the main objective of my role was to build up continuity and facilitate growth of our production capacity / outputs. My responsibilities were therefore dispersed along the whole value chain:

  • inputs: how do we secure more traceable green coffee which has consistent quality and what impact do we want to achieve among our smallholder suppliers?
  • throughputs: how do we comply to international quality standards, achieve more efficiency in production while safeguarding Fairchain (socio- economic) impact among our staff members?
  • outputs: how do we build up sustainable distribution and decrease our general ecological footprint?

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I have a broad, management oriented background and affinity with international aid and trade as a means of economic development. During my studies I focused several of my research assignments on sustainable business models and corporate social responsibility. My strengths are process and project management, intercultural communication and facilitating team dynamics.



Nationality: Dutch
Education: Msc in Public Administration, Bsc in Management


Experience before YEP

  • 2013-2015: Assistant facility manager at International Card Services. Liaised between internal departments and suppliers as process coordinator to achieve in time, cost- efficient and safe delivery of our cards. Supported the organization with process optimization and development of information policy. Other core activities were coaching, performance evaluation and representation to the organization of my team.
  • 2009-2010: Participant in International Research Project. Responsible for acquisition of consultancy assignments for Dutch organization as well as execution of projects. Worked on field research in Madhya Pradesh, India, aimed at improving the position of woman in rural areas by providing facilities for entrepreneurship.
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Organisation: Moyee Coffee
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