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Laurie van Reemst

Laurie van Reemst

History: Young Expert at Alterra - Uganda
YEP period 2016 - 2018, batch 7

Position after YEP

Researcher Wageningen University, Uganda

YEP Role

Junior Researcher Integrated Soil Fertility Management and Climate Smart Agriculture


As a Young Expert I worked for Alterra. Alterra works in Uganda and Burundi to contribute to food- and financial security by innovative and integrated agricultural practices adjusted to climate change. With an increasing population density in these countries and decreasing crop yields due to soils getting depleted of nutrients and organic matter, climate smart agriculture should become an integral part of the future plans of the individual farmer and agricultural development at higher levels.


My role at Alterra was therefore diverse:

  • Coordinator of Projects where Alterra is involved in, in Uganda and Burundi, and increase the interaction between different projects and stakeholders in the field of soil fertility and climate smart agriculture
  • Research on integrated soil fertility management. Case studies are done for the Fertile Grounds Initiative that show the importance of an integrated approach to soil fertility
  • Initiation of new (research) projects focused on climate smart agriculture and improving soil quality
  • M&E for the PAPAB project, based in Burundi, a project that works on integrated farm planning and farmer empowerment
  • East African trainer for the M&E instrument MonQI (Monitoring for Quality Improvement)

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People describe me as enthusiastic and very curious. Furthermore I am an analytical thinker, can work independently, and have well developed interpersonal and cultural skills.



Nationality: Dutch
Education: Master Plant Sciences (Wageningen University), Bachelor Beta-Gamma/Bio-chemistry (University of Amsterdam)


Experience before YEP

During my Masters I finished two theses:

  • A minor thesis working with smallholder farmers in oil palm in Jambi, Sumatra
  • A master thesis within the N2Africa project, focused on the evaluation of the adaptation of climbing bean techniques by smallholder farmers in Kapchorwa, Uganda

In between my studies in worked as a project coordinator of an educational institute in Sri Lanka.

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