The main goal of the Young Expert Programmes (YEP), consisting of YEP Water & YEP Agrofood, is to offer young Dutch and local professionals the opportunity to take their first steps in an international environment. They are employed through Dutch organisations in a number of eligible countries. The programmes aim to rejuvenate the Water & Agrofood sectors and ensure the continued availability of expertise for these sectors.

The YEP Programmes are carried out jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform.


YEP Effect 4 has been released!

During the YEP kick off of batch 15,  another new edition of YEP Effect has been officially launched: the fourth edition is now available!

YEP alumnus Jacques on TV!

Jacques Tuyishime, alumnus of YEP Programmes, is now Managing Director at Holland GreenTech in Rwanda. He has developed several skills during his time in YEP,  especially during the Personal Development Training!

Preparatory training course

Training of the 16th batch starts on 4 February 2019
Every year we subsidise the placement of 72 young professionals
Check the latest results of YEP in our annual report

Our Young Experts

April Raine Lavides - YEP Tailor-made at WaterWorX in Philippines

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Banzoumana Coulibaly

Where is he now? Project Officer at Akvo Mali

Young Expert at Rain Foundation - Mali

YEP period 2014 - 2015, batch 3

YEP Role

During YEP I was working for Rain Foundation; I was based in Mali at the Rainwater Harvesting Capacity Center (RHCC) as External Advisor. Charged fundraiser for RHCC, Following the implementation of the 3R approach on the field, Capitalize assets.
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Drinking water supply, Drilling techniques, Sanitation, Water treatments and analyses,  Hygiene promotion, and malnutrition, Participatory approaches, Team /project/financial management; stakeholders analysis, All civil engineering works.



Nationality: Malian
Education: Civil Engineering Diploma at National Engineering School of Bamako (ENI), Mali. Master advanced in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene at International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Associate Degree (DEUG diploma) in Mathematics and Physics at University of Bamako.


Experience before YEP

From 2008 and 2010, I worked in a construction firm of roads, in charged of monitoring layout of networks and asphalting of streets in Bamako District, Mali.
From 2010 to 2012, I have worked in a telecommunications engineer as quality manager.
To validate my WASH Master advanced, I did a 3 month internship in the NGO Action against Hunger France (ACF- France)  in Burkina Faso.
From April to May 2014, I worked as a WASH manager in the NGO Alliance International Medical Action Mali.

YEP Water


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Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Formation des enquêteurs de Kayes au test de qualité d'eau
Le projet pilote du test de qualité d'eau à l'aide des Smartphones, qui est une composante du projet d'Inventaire National des Points d'Eau Modernes du Mali, a débuté à Kayes avec la formation more

Photo de famille des participants à la formation

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Formation des enquêteurs au test de la qualité d'eau
Les 28 et 29 janvier 2016, la DRH de Kayes a abritée une formation des enquêteurs au test de la qualité d'eau avec l'application Akvo Caddisfly. Cette formation s'inscrit dans du projet pilote du more

Photo de famille des participants à la formation

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Learning how to do good update
During this training we learned how to make good update. And I find that it is very more

In full session, I learn how to do the update.