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Seriba Konare

Seriba Konare

YEP period 2014 - 2016, batch 3

Young Expert at Wetlands International - Mali

First position after YEP

Technical Officer at Wetlands International Mali

YEP Role

Junior Technical Officer.

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  • Project management
  • Proposal Writing
  • Evaluation and monitoring


Nationality: Malian
Education: PhD in Forest Ecology in Ehime University, Japan


Experience before YEP

Professional experience

  • April 2011- Present: Teaching Assistant at Ehime University, Matsuyama, Japan
  • July 2012- September 2013: Leader of research project on forest and religion at Ehime University, Matsuyama, Japan
  • August-December 2007: Internship in AFRICARE
  • May-December 2005: Internship in ICRISAT Bamako, Mali
Articles published in referred journals:
  • Seriba KONARE, Ikuo NINOMYA, Osamu KOBAYASHI, Tetsuya SHIMAMURA, Taro TARASHITA, Rural community perception of fuelwood usage by families living in Wassorola. Mali: Interview with women as main fuelwood collectors, Journal of Agricultural and Crop. Research vol.1 (5), pp. 76-83,November 2013
  • Seriba KONARE, Ikuo NINOMYA, Osamu KOBAYASHI, Tetsuya SHIMAMURA, TaroTERASHITA. Effect of fuelwood extraction on forest structure in Farako, Mali, Proceedings of international conference: “Sustainable Development Conference" 2013, ISBN 978- 86- 8703- 17- 6 Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sériba KONARE, Survey of usages of tree products by villagers of Farako, Mali. ISRN Forestry journal, under review

Unpublished articles:

  • Seriba KONARE, Fuelwood system in Mali - community perception and impact on forest structure. PhD thesis, 2013
  • Seriba KONARE, Role of religion in forest protection, research project report, 2013
  • Seriba KONARE, Forest education toward wise use of fuelwood in Wassorola, Mali. Master Thesis, 2011
  • Seriba KONARE, Economical and food security impacts of irrigation project in village of Bagadadji, 2008, Africare
  • Seriba KONARE, Analysis of tree shadow in satellite images of Quickbird, bachelor thesis, 2005
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Organisation: Wetlands International
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