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Maulina Indriyani

Maulina Indriyani

History: Young Expert at Deltares - Indonesia
YEP period 2014 - 2016, batch 4

Position after YEP

Project officer at Deltares Indonesia

YEP Role

I worked as a local Young Expert for Deltares. I focused on hydraulic aspects, especially for flood hazard mapping in Jakarta. To generate the network system for flood hazard mapping, I had to deal with some software like GIS and SOBEK. I also needed to understand the drainage systems, how they were connected, and the operation system and what causes the floodings.


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  • Research skills in physical modeling and data analyzing
  • Technical skills regarding water engineering
  • Good observation and hard working

Nationality: Indonesian
Education: Bachelor in Civil and Environmental Engineering (2008-2012) and Master in Hydro Engineering (2011-2014), Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia.


Experience before YEP

I graduated from Master Degree on October 2014 and started to work for Deltares on November 2014. I spent most of my time in researches when I was studying in Master Degree and had some publications:

  • “Simplified debris force due to tsunami on a rectangular column”, presented in the 19th IAHR-APD Congress, 21-24 September 2014, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • “Debris Forces on Rectangular column due to Tsunami”, presented in the 4th MSD in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 8-9 September 2013
  • “Reduksi Gaya Tsunami pada Bangunan Terlindung dengan Variasi Porositas dan Jarak Pelindung”, presented in the 29th PIT HATHI (Indonesian Association of Hydraulics  Engineering), Bandung, Indonesia, 19-21 October 2012
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