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Tsion Yinesulih

Tsion Yinesulih

History: Young Expert at IICD - Ethiopia
YEP period 2015 - 2016, batch 4

First position after YEP

Junior Project Officer at IICD, Ethiopia

YEP Role

As a YEP local Young Expert, I was working at IICD (International institute for communication development) as junior project officer. I was engaged in a project called G4AW; that is geospatial data for Agriculture and Water. It is about implementing geographical information on different form for farmers, due to the vulnerability of climatic condition.
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During my staying at previous companies that I worked for, I have gained knowledge in planning and monitoring both activities and employees. I have also the knowledge in the designing of irrigation structures for developing irrigation schemes and also I have knowledge in models like GIS, AquaCrop, AutoCAD, which I gained while I was doing my MSc. in UNESCO-IHE institute.



Nationality: Ethiopian
Education: BSc. In Agricultural Engineering and Mechanization, Masters: Hydraulic Engineering, Land and Water Development


Experience before YEP

During my MSc. study I have had the opportunity to work with PRACTICA foundation and MetaMeta during my thesis, it has helped me to gain knowledge in studying about shallow tube wells and improved solutions which can be implemented to the society. During working my thesis, since I was using structured and semi structured questionaries, I have tried to study agricultural activities performed on different areas.   

Working both as Agronomist and in Planning and export department in Redfox Ethiopia plc, in Ethiopia makes me to gain aspects in planning and widening communication skills internationally.

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Organisation: IICD
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