Peer coaching weekend in Uganda, a mix of personal development and leisure

Young Experts, alumni, trainers and colleagues from the YEP Bureau team met this month in Uganda for a peer coaching weekend that featured a workshop on future career development and a field visit to a bakery chain that operates according to microcredit principles. “A packed programme designed to provide learning opportunities, self-reflection and leisure,” says Elith Nabimanya, a Young Expert in YEP Programmes (batch 25).

Baking a difference

One of the highlights of the peer coaching weekend was a field trip to BISS Bakeries in Tororo. BISS stands for ‘Bake it Smart and Simple’. In a simple and smart way, they provide training on how to run a business in baking without electricity and running water – simple in equipment and smart in cost calculation and production. The independency of electricity and tap water makes BISS Bakeries suitable anywhere in Uganda where there is a reasonable concentration of costumers.

“During the visit, we met with Olive and her husband Ronal who are running a successfully bakery making bread, buns, cakes and more. We learnt that BISS Bakeries is based on the microcredit principle and offers vulnerable people in Uganda a unique opportunity to get started with entrepreneurship through bakery training in combination with equipment loan supply. Originally initiated by the Dutch NGO Bake for Life, BISS Bakery is a very nice example of a fruitful partnership between an NGO and the private sector.”

Personal achievements from workshop

Thirty people from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and the Netherlands gathered for this weekend away. Part of the programme included a one-day workshop given by the Ugandan/Dutch Consultancy NAPEYOK. The workshop focused on getting to know the participants, working on their personal development goals, and exchanging knowledge and experiences. “With this workshop, I led a group of four under the topic ‘how to interact with others in a multicultural environment' and I was able to strengthen my presentation skills. In addition to this, I was also able to gain intercultural competence through interacting with professionals from other backgrounds and strengthen my ability to work in an international environment. And of course, I could contribute to the networking spirit socialising and interacting with fellow experts.”

Check-in with the YEP Programme Bureau

“We were glad that the YEP Bureau was represented during the peer coaching weekend. René van der Velden, YEP Project officer at the Netherlands Water Partnership, and Charlotte Panhuyzen, Programme Advisor Energy at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (organisations executing YEP Programmes) answered all questions regarding positions, trainings, and budget for the active Young Experts.”

A moment for productive learning and leisure

Peer coaching weekends are organised in different countries by the Young Experts and are financially supported by YEP Programmes. Their activities are designed to strengthen the bond amongst the YEP community, boost global networking, and sharpen the skills of Young Experts in professional talents including leadership, entrepreneurship, and cultural awareness. Peer coaching weekends also put together diverse and interesting programmes which provide learning sessions, personal development and leisure.

Young Experts are currently working on organising peer coaching weekends in Egypt, Benin and Indonesia, so stay tuned! If you are interested in organising a peer coaching weekend as a Young Expert or would like to contribute to one of them by hosting a training or field visit, contact Lonneke van Klei, Project Officer at YEP Programmes, at [email protected].

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