Loay Alatrash is working for the Palestinian Water Authority: ‘A dream come true.’

Loay Alatrash is working in collaboration with World Waternet and Palestinian Water Authority for a Blue Deal project. They improve people’s access to water, sanitation, water quality and reform the water sector. Currently, there are 300 water and sanitation providers in the Palestinian Territories. The project team aims to reduce it to 10 water providers. The reform starts by building the water providers' capacity and improving the skills and knowledge of the employees. They improve access to water by reducing the amount of non-revenue water in some cities, in some cases even up to 50%. They also support the establishment of mobile sanitation and decentral wastewater treatment plants. 

Since Loay Alatrash was a kid, he dreamed of working on an international level. This dream now has come true with YEP Programmes and World Waternet.

YEP Position 

Loay is part of batch 20 and started his YEP Programme in 2020. His experience until now: “I have good knowledge of water & wastewater, and the YEP training has taught me many other valuable skills. Learned a lot about managing the water cycles, dealing with a project, change management, and stakeholder analysis. By understanding this, I can deal with people and organizations efficiently. There are significant differences between international and local institutions in their mentality, methods, and procedure. Working with colleagues from Waternet has developed me to collaborate in a global setting. At the same time, I'm learning day by day from my colleagues in Palestine.“

“My skills, mentality, and character have developed to fit in an international environment, and therefore I am grateful for the opportunity at YEP programmes”, Loay says. 

Contribution to SDG’s

We focus on SDG 6 water and sanitation. By working on SDG 6, we contribute to others as well. For example, we equally hire men and women when we execute our yearly action plan, which contributes to SDG5 (gender equality). By setting up these mobile wastewater treatment plants, we also contribute to SDG 13 protecting the environment. 

Be social

We asked Loay if he had any tips for (aspiring) Young Experts. “First of all, be social. This is the key to success, besides loving the work you do”, he says. “Be committed to the training, reflect, come with ideas to make the most out of the opportunity that YEP gives. Again the underlying message is, be social and expand your network. And of course, don't miss any masterclass”, he explains with a smile.

Loay hopes to continue working on a global level. We wish him all the best!