Expanding the 2SCALE approach from Kenya to the MENA region

Alphaxard Gitau is a graduate of Economics from the University of Nairobi and currently pursuing a master’s in public policy and Research from the same university. He is passionate about addressing climate change and contributing to Food security and agricultural development in Sub Saharan Africa. ‘As a young dairy farmer, I am very keen on how to engage youth in agriculture by developing their expertise at all levels of the value chain’, he says. Over the years he has therefore built expertise in climate change adaptation and mitigation, climate change policy engagement, agricultural development, public policy, Market systems and Multistakeholder partnerships building and facilitation. 


After his YEP Programme ended two years ago, Alphaxard managed a food security programme at ICCO Cooperation, before he joined 2SCALE. 2SCALE is an incubator programme that manages a portfolio of public-private partnerships (PPPs) for inclusive business in agrofood sectors and industries, enabling them to produce, transform and supply quality food products. These products go to local as well as regional markets. Alphaxard: ‘I joined 2SCALE because I was attracted to the approach of inclusive agribusiness where the private sector is in the lead, by building sustainable models that address food security challenges in the countries where 2SCALE is implemented. For me, this has been the missing dot in completing the connection between farmers and private companies. Being in 2SCALE gives me a lot of fulfillment, seeing that the relationships that are built are beneficial for the farmers and give them access to reliable markets’.


Alphaxard currently works as a Partnership Facilitator in Kenya in charge of soybeans partnerships and is also the country team leader for 2SCALE in Egypt.  They recently launched the programme in Egypt to understand the Agrofood needs in the Egyptian market. At thuis moment,  they already sealed two partnerships with agrofood companies. `We are currently working with two companies in the horticulture- and peanuts sector. We support them to uptake their production in Egypt and form inclusive relationships with farmers and other partners in the value chain’, he says . Alphaxard sees a lot of potential areas in the Egyptian market and largely the MENA region with the approach of 2SCALE. And also a good potential for linking YEP programmes in order to build the capacity of local Young Experts in that region. 


Last November, Alphaxard joined the YEP Intervision weekend in Kenya. ‘It was great to see how the YEP movement has grown and it was great to connect with each one of them and hear what they are doing. YEP is like a family to me and for me it’s very important to participate in these intervision weekends. I get a lot of insights and connections with Young Experts in the Agrofood industry, all working for different organisations’, he says. 


Alphaxard, keep up the good work in Kenya and Egypt and let’s stay connected! 


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