Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands visiting Chira Piura Basin Water Resources Council in Peru

by Mario Gerardo Carreño Saavedra


On Monday, September 27, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Nathalie Lintvelt, visited Piura (Peru) within the framework of the Blue Deal Program. This is locally executed by the Regional Water Authorities of the Netherlands in coöperation with the National Water Authority of Peru. 

Its objective was to publicize the scope of the Blue Deal Program in Piura, and learn about aspects of the cooperation work that has been carried out to strengthen the Council Chira Piura. During the visit, Young Expert Mario Gerardo Carreño Saavedra explained his role and achievements in the technical team around, carrying out the water resources management plan. “I was very excited, given that my actions now became known to local authorities and the ambassador's team”, Mario says. 

The Ambassador started her visit in the Center of the city of Piura ("Plaza de Armas") and San Miguel bridge on the Piura river. After that, she visited the "Los Ejidos" diversion dam and the Regional Government of Piura. At the end of the event, Mario was able to have a short conversation with the ambassador. “I was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge she had about YEP programmes, and how interested she is in increasing the participation of young people in important areas like mine. Our conversations were short, but I am very happy I had them. My team has fully integrated me to the different activities, which allows me to better develop myself in my role as a professional.”

Thank you for sharing your experience Mario! 

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