YEP Tailor-made

On demand in the world

YEP Tailor-made offers organisations the opportunity to purchase YEP’s unique training and coaching programme, without making use of the financial support. This is suitable, for example, for organisations and programmes that are already funded by the Dutch government and, therefore, cannot receive additional financial support from YEP Programmes, since piling up of subsidies is not allowed.

Training and coaching

The YEP training programme is based on the YEP philosophy, emphasising on both individual and collective development, which is applied, for example, in mixed training groups of Young Experts in different sectors. Furthermore, networking and innovation play an important role during the training. Young Experts within the YEP Tailor-made programme participate in the activities of the YEP Global Network. In addition, all Young Experts in YEP Tailor-made are coached by the professional YEP coaches.

YEP Tailor-made finances

YEP Tailor-made is a financially independent part of YEP Programmes; it is administrated and managed separately by the YEP Programme Bureau. The participating parties do not receive the financial support; they purchase the training and coaching with own means. For more information about costs/finances of YEP Tailor-made, please contact Vincent Cornelissen. Examples of YEP Tailor-made in practice are highlighted below.

Individual Tailor-made positions

Through YEP Tailor-made, three Dutch Young Experts kickstarted their international Agrofood careers at the Dutch Embassies in Benin, Kenya and Rwanda in batch 14. In batch 16, two more Young Experts were employed at Dutch Embassies in Burundi and Ethiopia. These placements are part of the Talent Pool programme, and the Young Experts are part of a regular YEP batch. The Talent Pool programme, implemented by AgriProFocus, connects Dutch Embassies working in the field of Food & Nutrition Security with Young Experts who pursue a career in this sector. This programme collaborates with YEP Tailor-made because of its unique and specialised training programme. Also in the years to come, this collaboration will continue and Young Experts will be working at Dutch Embassies through YEP Tailor-made.

The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality is also interested in training young agricultural professionals. This might also be realised within YEP Tailor-made.

Tailor-made batches (e.g. WaterWorX)

YEP Tailor-made is also used for other programmes, such as WaterWorX, which is a joint programme of the Dutch water companies. WaterWorX was established to make a substantial contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 6. In November 2018 and June 2020, YEP Tailor-made batches for WaterWorX started with a tailor-made training programme.

Furthermore, Dutch Water Boards and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Infrastructure and Water Management have initiated the Blue Deal programme. This programme aims to provide 20 million people in 40 river basins worldwide with access to clean, sufficient and safe water. A collaboration with YEP Programmes and/or YEP Tailor-made is currently explored to train Young Experts within the Blue Deal.