YEP Energy

Energy in the world

Around 800 million people do not have access to electricity and 2.8 billion people do not have access to clean cooking solutions, especially in lower income countries. This has a serious impact on the quality of life, income opportunities, the environment, health, and education. Energy is crucial for achieving nearly all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 and for ensuring that no one is left behind.

The Young Expert Programme (YEP) contributes to achieving the SDGs, including SDG 7 on universal access to clean energy. YEP Energy was launched in mid-2019 and completes the nexus together with YEP Water and YEP Agrofood. YEP Energy aims to encourage Dutch and national young talents to work in the renewable energy sector with a position for a Dutch organisation that is based in one of the lower and middle income countries on the country list.

YEP Energy revolves around the following themes:

  • Decentral energy access to affordable energy services for households, including clean cooking solutions
  • Productive use of renewable energy for small and medium enterprises, farmers and social institutions
  • Innovation (technology, finance and business)

In accordance with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is underlined that YEP Energy is open for ‘Humanitarian YEP positions’ that are linked to our above mentioned YEP themes. 

Organisations based or registered in the Netherlands, including companies, non-governmental organisations and knowledge institutes, can apply to YEP for support and funding to employ one or more Energy Young Experts. Young Expert positions may require technical energy expertise, but may also draw on broader areas of expertise, like business development, marketing or monitoring & evaluation in the energy sector.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) as the network organisation for YEP Energy and joins hands with the host of the Young Expert Programme, the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), to coordinate, implement and design the programme.